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Dracaena, also known as the dragon tree, is a houseplant native to the wet tropics. It thrives in humid environments and derives its name from the Latin word draco, which means dragon because they resemble stalks of bamboo (sometimes called dragon bamboo). All have long leaves that grow from a central cane. These popular houseplants are grown primarily for the upright, foliage that is either green or variegated. The leaves may appear similar to bamboo as they age. The dracaena can grow up to 20 feet tall outside its natural habitat but will stay between two and three feet when grown indoors due to the lower light levels.
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Dracaena is quite flexible about its lighting requirements, happy to live in anything from a dimly lit office building to the ledge of a brightly lit, south-facing window. Dracaena plant varieties sporting bright colors do best in bright light.

They’re tolerant of a range between 55° and 85° Fahrenheit, but prefer temperatures closer to the lower end (between 60-65°). The dracaena’s need for humidity is greater than its need for water. Humidity should be maintained at about 50% relative humidity.

Keep them out of drafts so they won’t dry out too quickly and let the soil dry between waterings. Water when 75 % of the soil is dry.

Fertilize dracaena once or twice a year to keep this plant healthy, and more often to promote growth.