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Hoya plants originate from the Indo-Malaysian region and are also called wax plants. They are called hoyas because they are native to the Himalayas and grow in the region of North India known as Kashmir. They were introduced to Europe in the 1700s, where they became popular for their easy care needs and beautiful foliage. Hoyas are now grown all over the world and are prized for their ornamental value. Hoyas do not need much water and can go for long periods without any water at all. This means they are a great choice for anyone with a busy lifestyle wanting a low-maintenance indoor plant.
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Hoyas can grow in a variety of conditions, but they prefer moderate humidity, indirect light, and warm temperatures.

Keep your plant somewhere that has plenty of natural light – these plants don’t like being in dark rooms.

Put the pot in an area with high humidity (near a hot shower, or near a humidifier) – this helps the leaves retain their moisture.

Hoyas enjoy loose, organic, and well-draining potting soil with perlite or vermiculite. Make sure you take note of whether or not your potting soil is fertilizer free, so you don’t overfeed.

Water it once every two weeks – make sure you use room temperature water, so you don’t shock the plant when you put it back outside after watering. They do best when their soil is kept slightly moist year-round.