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Peperomia is a genus of perennial, tropical plants that are native to the Americas. They're popular houseplants because they're hardy and easy to care for. Plus, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes with leaf markings that vary from stripe-like designs to spots. With more than 1,000 known species, these hearty plants boast thick, fleshy leaves and are popular as low-maintenance indoor plants. The National Garden Bureau named peperomias the plant of the year for 2022.
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Peperomias are sometimes called radiator plants, possibly because many of them enjoy bright and dry environments similar to a windowsill above a radiator. These plants stay fairly small in their native region and grow in the understory, or lower layers of trees, where they are shaded from direct sunlight.

Peperomia can adapt to different lighting but prefer bright indirect light. The tropical, decorative foliage plants, typically enjoy shadier conditions with more humidity. They like temperatures above 50 degrees.

Most species need light and airy, well-draining soil that may contain cocoa coir.

Peperomia on average needs water every two weeks with a good soak, but some varieties can go three weeks or more between waterings with no problems. These plants can be susceptible to root rot so make sure they dry out between waterings.