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Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

Houseplants that come from more humid places in the world also can struggle with the dry air in our homes. However, a few low-maintenance varieties are more forgiving about their growing conditions and will give you the best start at becoming a successful plant parent. Many common houseplants are from subtropical or tropical areas of the world, so they tend to prefer the same conditions indoors. After we had indoor heating it was time to try to keep plants in our homes. 
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Most indoor plants prefer the same temperatures that we do (the 60s and 70s). The humidity in the air or lack of can be the problem. Some plants get overwatered to make up for dry indoor air but placing plants in groups or in a more humid room are what these plants enjoy. You may also want to mist houseplants daily when the air is dry. Open a nearby window when the weather is above 50?F to let in more humid air.

Also, keep light in mind. Most houseplants prefer bright, indirect light rather than direct sunlight.

If you are ready to get started with your houseplant journey or don’t quite have an established green thumb yet. The following can be good low-maintenance indoor plants.