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Pet Safe Indoor Plants

There are plenty of plant picks that are safe to have around pets. You don’t have to sacrifice looks to find new plants for your collection!
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If you are a pet parent and a plant parent, you need to be cautious when selecting indoor plants for your home. Whether you have a curious pet or a kitten or puppy popular houseplants can sometimes be toxic.

If your pet nibbles on a plant, even a nontoxic one, watch closely for any signs of a reaction. Just because a plant is nontoxic doesn’t mean it won’t cause an upset stomach if your pet eats it. The toxic sap in poisonous house plants tastes extremely bitter and can cause a burning sensation in the mouth, so a pet is unlikely to play with them long. If your pet has eaten any of these plants and shows signs of illness such as vomiting, drooling, tremors, or any other abnormal behavior, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Although these indoor plants are categorized as non-toxic, we still advise keeping your plants away from your pets just to be safe!

Calatheas, Prayer Plants, Hoyas, Spider Plants, Jewel Orchids, and Peperomia are usually safe species for pet-friendly indoor plants.