Alocasia Red Mambo


The Red Mambo, or alocasia azlanii, is one of the most sought-after Jewel Alocasias for good reason! Young leaves start out green, then slowly transition into iconic chocolate colored leaves with red veins. Grows very well under grow lights or near a window with part-sun. The perfect plant for those looking for something ‘a little different’ to add to their collection.

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Photos are for reference only. You will be shipped a plant of the same quality. Ceramic pot not included.

Plants are shipped Mondays and Wednesdays to minimize transit delays that can occur closer to the weekend. Orders placed Thursday through Sunday will ship Monday. Orders placed Monday or Tuesday will ship Wednesday.

Care Tips for Alocasia Red Mambo

Toxic if consumed. Keep out of reach of pets and small children.

Soil: Cultured Sustainable Aroid Soil for Tropical Plants

Light: Bright, indirect light. Approximately 650-850 foot candles. Plants can take higher light levels as they mature.

Water: The soil should be allowed to dry slightly between watering. On a scale of 1-5 moisture levels should remain as close to a 3 as possible.

Humidity: Medium to high. Keep above 40%, with 70-80% humidity being ideal. If you live in an area with low humidity, add a humidity tray or mist several times a week.

Temperature: Plants grow best in temperatures from 70°- 85° Fahrenheit range. During the cooler months when the temperatures fall below 65°F the plants will grow more slowly, and fertilization rates should be reduced.

Fertilizer: Use a dilution of 20-10-20 or 20-20-20 applied every other watering. Higher fertilizer levels may attract pests.


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