Anthurium Napo Special



Anthurium napo special is part of our Tropical Imports Collection, which is sourced from sustainable growers in Ecuador. Limited stock are available for sale. All plants have been acclimated in the U.S. for two months and come with a 30 Day guarantee. Please do not repot your plant during the guarantee period to allow it to acclimate to its new environment! Plants ship in 4″ pots.

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Photos are for reference only. You will be shipped a plant of the same quality.

Care Tips for Anthurium crystallinum x forgetii

Keep out of reach of pets and small children.

Soil: Cultured Sustainable Aroid Soil for Tropical Plants

Humidity: Anthuriums thrive in high humdity. Keep levels above 50%, ideally 70-80%.

Light: Moderate to partial sunlight, but keep out of harsh direct afternoon sun.

Fertilizer: Slow-release fertilizer during growing season or balanced liquid fertilizer weekly or 2x a week. Do not fertilize in winter.


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