Jewel Orchid Green


The Jewel Orchid Green, or Macodes petola, is easily identified by its stunning leaf patterns. Jewel Orchids come in many gorgeous varieties and are grown for their foliage rather than flowers. Native plants grow in the tropical forest soils of southeast Asia. This is a great starter plant for people new to the hobby and a stunning addition to an already established collection.

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Care Tips for Jewel Orchid Green

Unlike more common orchids that you may find at your local garden center, Jewel Orchids are not epiphytes and are easier to care for.

Soil:  Jewel orchids are terrestrial orchids, which means they grow on the ground rather than in trees. They require more soil in their potting mix than traditional epiphyte orchids. Choose a well-draining potting soil that includes part orchid potting mix, part perlite, and part peat moss.

Light: Well-adapted for low-light conditions. Keep out of direct sun.

Temperature: Thrives at room temperatures (70-80F). Avoid temperature fluctuations and keep your jewel orchid away from air vents.

Humidity: Keep above 50% humidity, with 70-80% humidity being ideal.

Water: When the top 1-2 inches of soil are dry. Jewel orchids grow slowly, so avoid over-watering.

Pests. Particularly susceptible to mealybugs. Treat infestations early or preventatively with neem oil.


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