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Calathea Leopardina


Calathea plants are known for gorgeous leaves and finicky temperaments, and these beauties can leave plant parents in tears. However, Calathea leopardina is a hardier, lower-maintenance variety, making it a great introductory plant or choice for homes where other calatheas have failed. These spear-shaped leaves with green pinstripes have as much flare as flowering plants, without the demands for bright light. For best result with any calathea, use only filtered water.

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Care Tips for Calthea leopardina

Mature plants can grow up to 17″ tall.

Fertilizer: 20-10-20 or 20-20-20 applied every other watering. Higher fertilizer levels may attract pests.

Light: Grows well under low- to medium- light (650-750 foot candles). Bright light will scorch leaves.

Soil: Choose a coir or peat-based media with good drainage for quick root development. Ideal pH is between 5.5 to 6.5.

Water: The soil should stay evenly moist throughout the life of the plant. If the plants become too dry, then the leaves will exhibit leaf and tip burn.

Humidity: Ideal humidity levels are between 70-80%.

Temperature: Plant grows best between 70-80° F range. During the cooler months when the temperatures falls below 65°F the plants will grow more slowly, and fertilization rates need to be reduced.

Disease & Pests: Some common issues for these plants include fungus gnats, spider mites, and botrytis. Good watering and sanitation practices will help avoid these problems.


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