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Limited Edition Snake Plant Bundle



4 inch pots. Ceramic pot not included.

We’re closing out our Easy Care Plant Sale with a special bundle offer–three plants for the price of two! Here’s what you’ll get:

Sansevieria Black Star: The Black Star glows by the sunny yellow borders of its wide and deep-green foliage.

Sansevieria Gold Star: The Gold Star radiates from golden yellow ribbons against its wide and deep-green foliage.

Sansevieria Forest Star: The Forest Star is illuminated by the silver-grey stripes against its wide and deep-green foliage.

Sansevierias (commonly referred to as Snake Plants) make an excellent starter plant or contemporary addition to an established collection. They are, perhaps, the easiest of the easy care plants!

Care Requirements


Care tips for Sansevierias (Snake Plants)

Soil: Well-draining soil. Promote drainage by mixing in perlite, wood chips, etc.

LightSansevierias love bright, indirect light but can tolerate low light environments.

Water: Allow soil to dry entirely before watering.

HumidityThis Sansevieria is easy going, but the 30-50% range is ideal.

TemperatureThis Sansevieria is easy going, but it will grow best in temperatures within 60-85°F.

FertilizerUse a ratio of 10-10-10 diluted by one-half applied every other watering during the growing season.


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