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White Hanging Planter



Small and compact, the white hanging planter is the preferred choice for anyone looking for a ridiculously easy planter that also doubles as an accent piece! Suited for both indoors and outdoors.

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Miracle Inner Drainage
Overwatering is the #1 way to kill a plant, the inner drainage shell prevents this! The miracle 360-degree inner drainage shell guarantees breathability and drainage for your plant. It is impossible to overwater, any access water simply drains into the outer shell. Thanks to the protective outer shell, the Loop is 100% leakproof! It truly doesn’t get much easier, the preferred choice for plant newbies.

100% Versatility
Thanks to the Loop’s flat bottom, you have total free range on whether you want to the Loop to hang on a wall or sit flat on a table. This is especially handy if you want your plant to reap the health benefits of the Loop without drilling into your wall. With the colorful range of custom cord options, you can find the perfect color and texture that fits YOU. From bright pops to subtle neutrals, the Loop comes in several hues, there is truly a color for everyone.

Good for You, Good for the Environment
WallyGrow proudly designs and creates the Loop wall planters in the USA from recycled plastic. Since its inception in 2007, WallyGrow has diverted 10+ million plastic bottles from landfills through the use of 100% recycled plastic in the fabrication of these planters. Recycle, reuse, and grow more green!


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