Thai Constellation Monstera


We are so excited to announce the arrival of Thai Constellation Monsteras! Predicted to be the must-have plant of 2023, these beautifully variegated Monsteras can reach up to 8ft tall under ideal indoor conditions. Leaves begin to fenestrate as they mature and can get as large as a foot in diameter. Highly sought after by plant collectors, the Thai Constellation Monstera are more affordable and accessible at smaller pot sizes. This is an excellent choice for the indoor houseplant enthusiast who enjoys the long-term reward of nurturing a starter plant into a majestic statement piece. For even faster growth, check out some of our grow light options.

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Earn up to 80 Plant Points.

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This variety is currently on backorder until March 20th. However, these plants love our Florida weather! They can achieve larger sizes faster by staying in our greenhouse. As a courtesy, customers can choose their preferred ship date and plant size. All plants are shipped in a 4″ pot. Large sized plants have more roots and leaves. Leaves will also grow to larger sizes. Please be aware we can only accommodate plant size requests for backordered products.

BACKORDERING DISCLAIMER: Overgrown plants are our largest size option and are ready to be re-potted. These plants should be immediately transferred to a 6″ pot with well-draining soil after 1 month. Repotting your plant before this period will void the 30 Day Plant Quality Guarantee. Indoor gardeners often underestimate the stress of moving from a greenhouse to home environment. Plants it will grow more slowly during this adjustment period. Keeping your plant in the same pot and soil will speed up the adjustment process.

PRODUCT AND SHIPPING DISCLAIMER: Photos are for reference only. You will be shipped a plant of the same quality. Ceramic pot not included. Plants are shipped Mondays and Wednesdays to minimize transit delays that can occur closer to the weekend. Orders placed Thursday through Sunday will ship Monday. Orders placed Monday or Tuesday will ship Wednesday. See our shipping FAQ for information on our insulation and heat pack policy.


Care Tips for Thai Constellation Monstera

Soil: Cultured Sustainable Aroid Soil for Tropical Plants

Humidity: For best results, grow in humid to moist conditions with a humidifier, water tray, or mist several times a week.

Light: Bright indirect sunlight or grow lighting is recommended to maximize or speed growth. However, keep out of direct afternoon sun.

Fertilizer: Slow-release fertilizer during growing season or balanced liquid fertilizer weekly or 2x a week. Do not fertilize in winter.


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