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Variegated Monstera Deliciosa – Large Form

We are excited to present the truly rare Monstera deliciosa ‘variegata’ (large form). For information on the different types of variegated Monstera, we recommend the article Variegated Monstera Deliciosas: Everything You Need to Know, published by The Spruce. This gorgeous specimen is one of the best we’ve seen in our greenhouse, and we made the executive decision to sell the mother plant whole, instead of keeping for cuttings. A rare opportunity to snag a very rare plant!

Please note that this product has single item availability and is excluded from replacement or refunds due to shipping stress or damage that occurs after it has left our greenhouse.

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Variegated Plant Shop Rules and Policies

  1. Orders are limited to two (2) Variegated Plant Shop plants per household for the first week after each plant drop. We love your enthusiasm, but we want everyone to get a share! Additional plants will be cancelled for separate orders to the same household or orders containing 3 or more plants. Applies ONLY to the Variegated Shop plants shown below, so feel free to rack up your cart with other goodies.
  2. No flipping. Variegated Plant Shop products are trademarked and reselling is NOT permitted. We keep our prices low to get more plants into the hands of plant enthusiasts. We are active on MANY online plant groups and Facebook. Customers caught reselling or flipping products will not be able to purchase from Cultured in the future. NOTE: This does not apply to cuttings. Cuttings from your purchased plants can be sold at any time.
  3. Shop wisely. Due to the unpredictable nature of sport mutations, we cannot guarantee plants will not revert.
  4. Plants will not appear before the drop. Plants in the images below have already been sold. Available plants will show up on the links once the drop starts. Exact release date and times are only disclosed via email, so be sure register above.
  5. No previews. Due to high volume of requests, we unfortunately cannot provide photos, previews, or pricing before the sale. However, many of the best plants are spotlighted on Instagram before the drop. Follow us here: @CulturedPlantScience
  6. MEMBER EARLY ACCESS: Members get early shopping access. You will receive an email with the release time and link to this page. Many plants sell out quickly, so we encourage you to check in as soon as the drop starts. NOTE: Individuals who were on the old waitlist have been grandfathered into the Shop and will still receive email announcements.
  7. IMPORTANT: Be sure to add “[email protected]” to your email contact list so that the drop alerts are not diverted to spam.


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