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Ficus, a close relative of the fig tree, is a genus of ornamental plants popular for growing indoors. They are native to tropical areas and are even said to be the tree under which Buddha received enlightenment. In the tropics, ficus commonly is the most species-rich plant genus in a particular forest. In Asia, as many as 70 or more species can co-exist. Whether tall and full or weeping and variegated these plants can add a wonderful touch of style to any room.
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These indoor plants are relatively easy to care for.

Light and Temperature: These plants love bright, indirect light. During winter, keep your plant away from drafts and don’t allow it to stay in a room that falls below 55°-60° F. Most ficus thrive in temperatures of 60°-75°F. They don’t like to be moved around so finding a permanent place for the plants is important. They can be moved outside during warmer weather, however, move them back inside once temperatures drop below 60°.

Humidity: Maintain about 40% humidity for your ficus so it won’t start dropping leaves. Humidity is just as important as temperature and light for these plants. You may want to keep a humidifier in the room or mist your plant occasionally.

Water: Ficus need consistent, but moderate watering throughout the growing season, with dry spells in the winter. Make sure soil is just moist, not dry or drenched, at all times. Your plant will likely lose leaves during the winter “dry” spell. Well-draining soil is essential to keep these plants healthy.

These plants can be toxic. Keep out of reach of children and pets.