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Prayer Plants

Prayer plants are aptly named due to their leaves opening up during the day and then closing in the evening in what looks like praying hands. These tropical plants are in the Marantaceae family. Marantaceae are spread across over 30 genera and 550 species. Popular houseplant genera include Goeppertia, Maranta, Calathea, Ctenanthe and Stromanthe. Though there is still some debate in the scientific community about what makes the leaves move, some studies show that they use their leaf movement mechanism as protection from late-day sun radiation.
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Light: These tropicals are rhizomatous meaning they grow from a rhizome. They also live in the understory of tropical forests where they have adapted to a humid atmosphere and low light conditions. As a result, prayer plants are great indoors because of their gorgeous foliage and low light requirements. These plants prefer indirect light.

Humidity: Be careful to not place your plant near drafty windows or heaters because they can dry out. For added humidity spritz the leaves of your plant or consider adding a humidifier or grouping plants together.

Temperature: These plants like 65 ° – 85 ° F.

Soil: Prayer plants also don’t like to have their roots sitting in water for extended periods. Make sure you have adequate drainage in your pot. Choose a well-draining potting mix. This could be as often as every 3-5 days in the summer, depending on factors like temperature, humidity, and light conditions.

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