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Alocasia Frydek



How stunning is the Alocasia Frydek, or Green Velvet! Its soft, deep green foliage is arrow-shaped and accented with bright white veins. From ornamental to simple and refined to playful, the Frydek’s style offers a wide range of expression to your space. These luscious leaves require plenty of humidity—if you notice that they’re losing some of their velvety softness, consider introducing a humidity tray or humidifier. Compared to other Alocasias, it may be a bit more particular in its care routine but it is well-worth the special attention.

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Care Tips for Alocasia Frydek

Toxic if consumed. Keep out of reach of pets and small children.

Soil: Light, well-draining soil that can retain moisture.

Light: Bright, indirect light.

Water: Allow top inch of soil to dry before watering.

Humidity: Medium humidity will suffice, but higher humidity will promote best growth. If you live in an area with low humidity, add a humidity tray or humidifier.

Temperature: These plants grow best in temperatures within 65-85°F. During the cooler months when the temperatures fall below 65°F, take care to keep your Alocasia away from drafty areas.

Fertilizer: Use a dilution of 10-10-10 applied once a month during the growing season.


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